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Archipelogopolis: A New Manhattan

Archipelogopolis: A New Manhattan model

Project Team

Led by: Professor Alberto Foyo

Studio Collaboration: Armita Peiravani, Veronica Rendon, Hyun Pak, Matthew Hangad, Stephanie Zhao, Ina Dajci, Mostafizur Rahman, Ariana Diaz, Leidy Reyes, Terrelle McFarlain, and Chris Hodges.

Semester/ Year

Semester IV / 2016

Project Summary

An agricultural urban design studio project to redesign Manhattan before the 1811 Commissioner’s Grid, to incorporate landscape architecture, decentralized self-reliant neighborhoods, and a new transportation system for the island of Manhattan. We solved flooding problems downtown and created new transportation systems by making Manhattan into a series of islands, and each island its own pedestrian island. Each island was walkable to the express or local boat service transportations, self-sufficient with fields of fruits and vegetables greenroofs, and sustainable with recycling centers and photovoltaic roofs and parking islands. We made sure to preserve one NYC landmark, and created three public centers- beach, park and plaza per island. I was chosen as manager of the project by my professor and peers. This project was chosen for NAAB and CityWorks publication.

Archipelogopolis: A New Manhattan model from above
Archipelogopolis: A New Manhattan computer rendering
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