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Iona Park Pavilion

Iona Park Pavilion model

Project Team

Led by: Professor Jeremy Edmiston

Studio Collaboration: Adina S. Banayan, Carme Azor, Genesis Baque, Alexandra Bilinski, Ina Dajci, Parshwa Desai, Silas Drewchin, Taslima Mahmood Nabila, Esty Leverton, Kristy Lau, Alexander Vincent Young, and Gerome Ventura.


Semester IX/ 2019

Project Summary

A design-build studio project proposal for the National Parks Services to reopen the national park of Iona Island to the public, featuring our new iconic National Park landmark and shelter. The objective was to create a double-curved wooden pavilion that can serve as an iconic shelter in all national parks. The pavilion’s unique pinwheel structure was designed and built in manageable and systematic chucks that were cut on precise CNC plywood sheets to allow for both easy assembly and transport. The structure’s skin design was inspired by Iona Island's natural elements, particularly the local fungi and plants, and their textures and movements. The surface design not only added to the aesthetics but also played a crucial role in strengthening the pavilion's structural integrity, reinforcing it with its notching system. This project was chosen for CityWorks, and led to the Dean’s Award.

Iona Park Pavilion model
Iona park pavilion drawing
Iona Park Pavilion class picture
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